Access, authentication and security

Access to the system is made through a web browser regardless of the user’s location. Authentication is accomplished through login and password or by integration with the network’s “active directory” employing the “single sign on” concept.

Access control to documents is enacted through detailed authorization concept comprising the definition of groups, roles (or jobs or functions) and profiles. This concept ensures that people with different roles, departments, auditors, suppliers etc.., are only allowed to access documents that are assigned to their permission level. Direct access to the disk space where the file is located is not permitted. The “log” functionalities make it possible to check who accessed or modified a document and to whom it was sent. 
The concept of classified document prevents a document to be visualized by anyone but its sender and addressee. 
Filedoc permits using digital signatures whether they are simple or made through digital clearance certificate such as the one provided by the citizen’s identification card thus ensuring document safety and users’ authenticity.

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