Basic concepts

Integrated management of documents and processes

Document management contributes decisively to a company’s performance and reflects its internal organization. When there is a large amount of information to process, be it inbound or internally originated, it raises the likelihood of document losses and increases difficulty in quickly accessing, locating, and controlling the flows of information.

Implementing a work flow and document management system constitutes a decisive factor in boosting your business since it enables the company to manage all unstructured information in accordance with the following concepts:

  • Scanning of paper documents turning them into electronic documents that can be classified and assorted according to specific criteria.
  • Standardization of processes following always the same procedures thus enabling all company documents to be standardized and classified according to type and entity source.
  • Labeling and classification of electronic documents. This stage resembles the physical archive but takes advantages of the benefits rendered by the information systems to ensure the integrated management of physical and electronic archives.
  • Workflow – the definition of the stages a document goes through including publication, approval, distribution, and circulation or filing, thus enabling the control of the flow of the documents.
  • Search – document search by content or attributes allowing to trace and make any documents available where and when it is required.
  • Cost Reduction - arises from the increase productivity which accrues from time savings in searching, forwarding, and managing documents, but also from cost cuts obtained through a reduction in copies and use of storage space.

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