Benefits of using a document management solution

What are the advantages of using a document management solution?

Distribution of inbound or internally originated documents as well as information processing are very time consuming activities and its execution is likely to be error prone leading, quite often, to document scattering and loss that results in time wastage and eventually in harm to the company.

Implementing a Filedoc workflow and document management system suppresses operational hindrances and brings about the following benefits:

  • Dematerialization of documents and associated procedure courses
  • Automation and standardization of work processes
  • Centralized management of company records
  • Standardization of documents archiving methods and procedures
  • Swift access and processing of documents
  • Data and information flow control and security (documents and processes)
  • Administrative and process efficiency gains with the corresponding reduction in operational costs
  • Reduction of costs associated with storage space document printing and photocopying
  • Enables measuring of efficiency in the use of resources

These factors add value to the company’s business.

Some statistics about documents and archiving:

  • On average each employee wastes 12% of his work time looking for documents on desk or archive
  • 90% of the documents we work with daily are mixed up with other documents
  • 80% of hand written documents is not looked at anymore
  • 50% of all documents on record are duplicated or outdated
  • 30% a 40% of all information records can be immediately digitalized allowing the destruction of the originals
  • Time wasted on document management represents one the 10 most time consuming activities in any organization.
  • 15% of documents handled are lost
  • 7.5% of all lost documents cannot be retrieved and 3% are wrongly filed.
  • On average each document gets copied 9 times


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