Certifications and technological partnerships

In order to provide an adequate response to our clients’ needs we are continuously diversifying and improving our offer.

The partnerships that were established with well- known technology manufacturers have given Filedoc access to the tools required for the development of the company’s solutions.
This privileged relationship allows us to bring to our clients solutions that are technologically robust and innovative.

Microsoft ISV Certified Partner

  • The Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing enables us to embed Microsoft software licenses, like SQL Server, into Filedoc solutions at very competitive prices
  • Our development team has access to the latest technological novelties and to technical training
  • And have access to development tools, software, human resources and specific technical documentation


Filedoc’s character recognition is underpinned by IRIS technology which stems from 20 years of research on character recognition and conversion to data searchable formats.

The iDRS™ encompasses all latest pre-processing technologies, recognition (OCR, ICR) conversion to other formats (PDF, RTF PDF/A-1b, XPS…) and file compression

The IRISXtract ™ for documents consists of a scalable IDR/DMS platform. It is possible to use IRISXtract
to elicit data from documents and automatically classify it in order to render the document registration processes more efficient be it in document management or ERP. Using IRISXtract in document management implies a considerable reduction of manual work in bulk document capture and classification like in the processing of invoices and delivery notes, among others.

Lead Tools

Lead Tools is an American Company which has been established for over 20 years. It is global leader in development tools for the digital sector. Filedoc uses some of Lead Tools’ technologies especially in the following domains:

  • Image capturing and control of scanners with TWAIN drivers and other devices
  • Images’ processing using more than 200 functions
  • Code bar recognition


Established in 1984 Telerik is a market leading company providing a set of development tools and components which enable client companies to develop software with enhanced functionalities, more stable and user friendly, and with high performance levels. More than 100.000 clients around the world use Telerik tools.

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