The cost of paper:
The paper is all over the place. Areas such as supplier invoices, procurement, contracts, human and legal resources rely on paper-based processes, which means little efficiency in process management.
Archiving and searching for paper documents not only consumes time but money:
Money spent: $ 700 for each lost document and $ 125 for each poorly archived document.
Business continuity: 70% of the risk of business continuity comes from the possibility of loss of paper from disasters.
Unsafe by default: 98% of business printers are unsafe and open to improper access.
The advantages of dematerialization:
Many organizations have already embarked on a cost reduction brought about by traditional cultural change based on paper-based processes for a digital approach.
Reduce costs
Savings extend far beyond cost reduction with paper (which is substantial). Toner replacement, print park upgrades, and post office costs. But the biggest savings are related to process management efficiency and file space requirements.
Improve security
Limiting access to certain documents and / or processes to specific individuals. Ensuring a better disaster recovery solution such as attempting to recover archived digital files versus paper documents destroyed by flood, fire or other causes.
More efficient operations
Reducing process lifecycle by up to 75% in key organizational processes such as vendor payments, contract management, human resources and core business processes.

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