Workflow and distribution of documents or processes

Filedoc helps to render automatic business processes that are based upon documents and procedures. It ensures that a certain document/process reaches the right person when it is assigned to specific actions, transactions, and the people that perform them.
Processes are designed directly in Filedoc’s administration area or using Microsoft Visio and afterwards imported to Filedoc.

Possible actions include document circulation to one or more users, with or without a mandatory reply, the creation of a specific task, the mandatory association of a document with a process type or the interaction with other systems, namely ERPs.
Workflows are controlled through the user’s acceptance or rejection, thereby determining the workflow’s next step and to whom it should be addressed.
For each workflow, an awareness email with a computer link allows the user to remotely access the corresponding display information.

To control everything that has to do with approval dates, a programmed agent is responsible for the activation of the alarms, as per the Workflow’s customization.

Every time that a specific process is not defined, there is the possibility to circulate process in an AD Hoc way, e.g. the user decides to whom the document will be sent.
A process may include several types and formats of documents like letters, faxes, e-mails or files, as well as the involved entities, other connected processes, a.s.o.. This functionality allows the easy and quick distribution of several documents in one go. 

Circulation types are customized in the system, and they may inform, request an opinion, or an approval or a signature.

Filedoc’s alarm module allows the definition of specific rules in association with documents, processes or workflows. 

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