Registration of all company contents

Filedoc enables a company to log and keep track of any content be it a print document, a file or an email.

Digitalization of documents
With Filedoc documents can be digitalized individually or in batch through the use of bar codes that work as document separators. When a document is scanned for digitalization purposes it is possible to extract information from it using OCR and/or bar codes and then use the information elicited to assign contents to categories and integrate them into an ERP.
Digitalized documents can be converted to PDF/A thus paving the way for their content to be searched by key word.
Digitalizing documents into network files is another option. Filedoc can search and retrieve these documents and store them in its own data base. During the digitalization process and as long as the scanners allow it, it is also possible to print the entry nr and date of registration in the physical document.

Document creation and versions’ management
A number of functionalities which are available in Filedoc enable the creation, editing and life cycle management of documents.
With regard to internal or outbound documents there are templates available in Filedoc thus ensuring standardization of document types. Thence for any user to create a document has to select the option register outbound document choose the respective template and classify it.
Even after a document has been classified it is possible to edit its registry and enter additional information. Such information may entail that documents are linked to other documents or to one or more processes, that documents or emails are attached, etc.
As long as a document is saved in Filedoc in its original format it may be edited at any time. With regard to word documents whenever they are checked-out the application generates another version which is kept available for consultation ensuing check-in. 
All versions are saved and made available for future consultation.

Logging Files (Microsoft Office, PDF, CAD, etc.)
Filedoc provides several ways to log documents and/or files on the data base. Aside the already mentioned digitalization method it is possible to send any type of file to Filedoc through a Windows’ plugin whether it is located in a local folder or in a file server. The Office plugin enables sending a Word, Excel or Outlook file.
All files that are logged to Filedoc maintain their original format.

Filedoc embodies a forms’ manager which gives the application administrator the possibility to generate form types and define the fields for each type of form. The fields can be of the text, numerical, data, multiple choice or combo box types.
It is possible to define, for each field, the number of characters it will accept if it is multiline to pre-set the initial value and order.
These forms work as a normal document that are linked to a registration number and may flow ad hoc or be inserted in a specific workflow.

Email registration
Emails may also be easily registered. There is a plugin within Outlook which allows logging one or more emails in Filedoc. Emails are saved in their original format including the attached files. 
Type of document, addressee, sender, subject and date are used to make an automatic assignment of the email.
Filedoc can be made to automatically ascribe an exit number, when an email is sent, so that the number may appear on the subject field enabling the addressee to use it as a reference when replying.

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