what is Filedoc

Filedoc is an integrated document management and workflow software which embodies the functionalities of archiving, document life cycle management and process management, enabling the dematerialization of business processes information and facilitating decision making.

Developed in Microsoft technology for web environments Filedoc bears a friendly easy to use interface enabling access from any equipment with an internet browser.

Filedoc’s aim is to provide fast easy and efficient document and process management enabling the organization, at once, to manage and exercise control over the whole of the information therein.

We regard documents as comprising any type of information, be it in paper, computer files of any format, e-mails or printed forms.

Filedoc complies with the norms which lay down the requirements for the development of any electronic document management system (MoReq2).

Implementing this system constitutes an opportunity to review all the procedures related to document management aiming to create an integrated, flexible, and technologically advanced system.


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